Neuroimaging Methods

Wed, 12/03/14 11:10 - 12:10, Dresden,

Weekly Neuroimaging Methods meeting - Prof. Stefan Kiebel, Falkenbrunnen room 102

During the winter semester, there will be a weekly 'neuroimaging methods meeting' in Falkenbrunnen.

These meetings are meant for neuroimaging researchers to ask specific questions about their experimental designs and methods used. We will then discuss the topic of the question and provide answers or at least pointers to potential solutions. As the meeting is a seminar in the CAN7 module, CAN master students will also be eagerly joining in discussing your question.

Any question goes. For example, you can ask questions about your planned experiment, e.g. if you are in doubt about the usefulness of the design or the method. Or you can ask questions about analysis methods. There are no 'stupid' questions. Just ask the question that keeps bugging you.

It is also a great meeting for neuroimaging researchers to learn more about neuroimaging methods and designs, just by listening to the questions of others and joining the discussion.

Location: Dresden
Event Category: Lectures, Lectures 2014/15