Dresden Summer School 2017 on " Approaches to volition"

The Dresden Summer School on Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience 2017 is an essential feature of the PhD program of our Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) “Volition and Cognitive Control: Mechanisms, Modulators, and Dysfunctions”, which is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the cognitive and neural mechanisms of volitional control as well as volitional dysfunctions in selected mental disorders. Being located at the TU Dresden, which has been selected as one of eleven German Universities of Excellence, our CRC provides an outstanding scientific infrastructure and ideal environment for interdisciplinary cooperation in cognitive, behavioral, and brain sciences (for more information see: http://www.sfb940.de).


The Dresden Summer School 2017 will be held with a thematic focus on "Approaches to volition". It will take place June 22-23 2017 in Dresden and will comprise several symposia on key issues of the study of volition and cognitive control such as philosophical approaches, PFC function, adaptive regulation, intentional action, and clinical perspectives. The primary aim of this spring school is to inform our PhD students about recent developments in the field. Within each symposium, an inter-national expert will present results from her or his recent research, thereby providing the participants (mainly PhD students from psychology and medicine, but also post-doctoral researchers) with an up-to-date overview over the field. The students themselves will have the opportunity to present their current research in poster sessions. Another feature of the spring school will be panel discussions on career-related issues.


Thomas Goschke
Clemens Kirschbaum
Alexander Strobel


Dresden, June 2017