Burkhard Brocke, Prof. Dr. phil.

Professor em. (C3) VCF

Burkhard Brocke

Contact information

Faculty of Science, Department of Psychology
Institute of Clinical, Diagnostic, and Differential Psychology

Technische Universität Dresden
Zellescher Weg 17, 01069 Dresden

Phone: +49 (0)351 463-32673
E-Mail: B.Brocke@tu-dresden.de

Research Statement

My primary research interest is the neural basis of emotional regulation and the neurobiology of emotional traits. The main focus is the neural processes and circuits and molecular genetic mechanisms underlying fear and anxiety regulation, individual differences with these processes and mechanisms and the relation with emotional traits.

Scientific Education

1991Habilitation: Psychology, Free University of Berlin. Oral examination: 1991, mentor: Prof. Dr. Hans Westmeyer
1975Promotion: Psychology, FU Berlin, oral examination: 1975, advisor: Prof. Dr. Adolf Otto Jäger 
1970 – 1975Study of Psychology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, FU Berlin
1967Diploma (Economics) University of Cologne, advisor: Prof. Dr. W. Schreiber
1962 – 1969Studies of Economics, Social Sciences, Philosophy (Universities of Cologne, Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Professional Experience

1994 – 2008Director of the Institute of Clinical, Diagnostic, and Differential Psychology
10/1993 – 2008 Professor for Differential and Personality Psychology, TU Dresden
03/2006Visiting Fellow, The Scripps Institute (La Jolla)
10 – 11/2000Visiting Fellow, Stanford University (VH)
1996 – 1998Head of Department (Prodekan), Department of Psychology, TU Dresden
10/1992 – 03/1993Interim Professor for Differential and Personality Psychology, University of Potsdam
1984 – 1992Research Fellow (FU Berlin)
1977 – 1984Assistant Professor (Free University of Berlin)
1971 – 1977Research Fellow (Free University of Berlin)

Other Scientific Activities, Honors, Awards

Since  2001Associate Editor of The Journal of Individual Differences (JID)
1999 – 2001Spokesperson “Fachgruppe Differentielle Psychologie, Persönlichkeits-psychologie und Psychologische Diagnostik (DPPD)“Since 1984 Reviewer of several national and international journals and organisations (e.g., DFG, GIF, SNF)

Selected Publications

Brocke, B., Lesch, K.P., Armbruster, D., Moser, D.A, Mueller, A., Strobel, A., Kirschbaum, C. (2010). Stathmin, a gene regulating neural plasticity, affects fear and anxiety processing in humans. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.153B, 243-251.

Fischer, T., Langner, R., Birbaumer, N. & Brocke, B. (2008). Arousal and Attention: Self-Chosen Stimulation Optimizes Cortical Excitability and Minimizes Compensatory Effort. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 20: 8, 1-11.

Brocke, B., Armbruster, D., Müller, J., Hensch, T., Jacob, CP., Lesch, K-P., Kirschbaum, C. & Strobel, A. (2006). Serotonin transporter gene variation impacts innate fear processing: acoustic startle response and emotional startle, Molecular Psychiatry, 11, 1106-1112.

Dreisbach, G., Müller, J., Goschke, T., Strobel, A., Schulze, K., Lesch, K.-P. & Brocke, B. (2005). Dopamine and Cognitive Control: The influence of spontaneous eye-blink rate and dopamine gene polymorphisms on perseveration and distractibility. Behavioral Neuroscience, 119 (2), 483–490.

Strobel, A., Wehr, A., Michel, A. & Brocke, B. (1999). Association between the dopamine D4 receptor (DRD4) exon III polymorphism and measures of Novelty Seeking in a German population. Molecular Psychiatry, 4, 78-84.