Shu-Chen Li, Prof. Ph.D.

Professor (W3) VCF

Shu-Chen Li

Contact information

Faculty of Science, Department of Psychology,
Institute of Educational and Developmental Psychology
Lifespan Developmental Neuroscience Section

Technische Universität Dresden
Zellescher Weg 17, 10169, Dresden

Phone: +49 (0)351 463-34162 /-39193

Research Statement

The lifespan developmental neuroscience group investigates neurobiological and contextual mechanisms of cognitive, motivational, and emotional development from early childhood to old age. A central theme focuses on the interplays between neuronal factors (e.g., neuromodulatory functions) and contextual factors (e.g., reward, stress, substance abuse, cognitive intervention or non-invasive brain stimulations) in affecting development in different and across life periods.

Scientific Education

2006 Habilitation in Psychology, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germnay
1994Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA
1991M.Sc. Cognitive Psychology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA
1990B.Sc. Psychology, Oklahoma City University, OK, USA

Professional Experience

Since 2016Steering Committee Member of the Center of Demographic Change and Diversity, TU Dresden
Since 2012Professor of Developmental Psychology (W3), TU Dresden
05/06-08/12Project Leader (W2), Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
09/98-04/06Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin,
09/95-08/98Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
10/94-08/95Postdoc, Department of Psychology, McGill University, Montréal, Canada

Other Scientific Activities, Honors, Awards

Since 2012Member of Review Panel of the European Research Council
2010-2016Associate Editor, APA Journal Developmental Psychology
Since 2008Editorial Board Member Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
2006-2007Review Panel Finnish Academy of Science
1998-1999Fellow of German-American Academic Council
1994Dissertation Award University of Oklahoma

Selected Publications

Chiao, J. Li, S.-C., Seligman, R. & Turner, R. (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Neuroscience. New York: Oxford University Press.

Thurm, F., Schuck, N. W., Fauser, M., Doeller, C. F., Stankevich, Y., Evens, R., Riedel, O., Storch, A., Lueken, U., & Li, S.-C. (2016). Dopamine modulation of spatial memory in Parkinson’s disease. Neurobiology of Aging, 38, 93-103. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2015.10.019

Schuck, N. W., Doeller, C. F., Polk, T. A., Lindenberger, U. & Li, S.-C. (2015). Human aging alters the neurocomputation and representation of space. NeuroImage, 117(15), 141-150.doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.05.031


Eppinger, B., Heekeren, H. R. & Li, S.-C. (2015). Aging-related prefrontal impairments implicate deficient prediction of future reward in older adults. Neurobiology of Aging, 36(8), 2380–2390. doi:10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2015.04.010

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Passow, S., Westerhausen, R., Hugdahl, K., Wartenburger, I., Heekeren, H. R., Lindenberger, U., & Li, S.-C. (2012). Electrophysiological correlates of adult age differences in attentional control of auditory processing. Cerebral Cortex. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhs306

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