Uta Wolfensteller, Dr. rer. nat.

Assistant Professor VCF

Uta Wolfensteller

Contact information

Faculty of Science, Department of Psychology
Institute of General Psychology, Biopsychology and Methods of Psychology

Technische Universität Dresden
Zellescher Weg 17, 01069 Dresden

Phone: +49 (0)351 463-32582
E-Mail: uta.wolfensteller@.tu-dresden.de

Scientific Education

2006Dr. rer. nat., University Leipzig, Advisors: PD Ricarda I. Schubotz, Prof. D. Yves von Cramon
2002Dipl.-Psych., Free University Berlin, Advisors: Prof. Rainer M. Bösel, Prof. W.M. Hermann, PD Jürgen Gallinat
1998 – 2002Psychology, Free University Berlin
1996 – 1998Psychology, University Leipzig

Professional Experience

Since 04/2010Assistant Professor, Technische Universität Dresden, Co-PI Research Group Neuroimaging of Higher Cognitive Brain Functions.05/2008 – 07/2009 Post-doctoral research associate, Section of Systems Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Center, Technische Universität Dresden
07/2006 – 04/2008Post-doctoral research associate, Department of Cognitive Neurology, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig
06/2002 – 07/2006Ph.D. student, Department of Cognitive Neurology, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig

Other Scientific Activities, Honors, Awards

Ad-hoc reviewer: Journal of Neuroscience, Brain, Cerebral Cortex, Cortex, Neuropsychologia, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Current Biology, Experimental Brain Research, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Selected Publications

Wolfensteller,U. & von Cramon, D.Y. (2011). Strategy-effects in prefrontal cortex during higher-order S-R learning. Neuroimage. 57(2):598-607.

Wolfensteller, U. & Ruge, H. (2011). On the timescale of stimulus-based action-effect learning. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. DOI: 10.1080/17470218.2010.546417

Ruge, H. & Wolfensteller, U. (2010). Rapid Formation of Pragmatic Rule Representations in the Human Brain during Instruction-Based Learning. Cerebral Cortex, 20(7), 1656-1667.

Wolfensteller, U. & von Cramon, D.Y. (2010). Bending the rules: strategic behavioral differences are reflected in the brain. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 22(2), 278-291.

Wolfensteller, U., Schubotz, R.I. & von Cramon, D.Y. (2004). "What" becoming "where": fMRI evidence for pragmatic relevance driving premotor cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 24(46), 10431-10439.