Andrea Pfennig, Prof. Dr. med.

Junior Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Illness Course Research VCF

Andrea Pfennig

Contact information

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus
Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Technische Universität Dresden
Fetscherstraße 74, 01307 Dresden

Phone: +49 (0)351 458-3946

Research Statement

Andrea Pfennig, Junior Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Illness Course Research, studies risk factors for the development of psychiatric disorders and influencing factors on the long-term course of these illnesses. She focusses on the development and the course of affective disorders and investigates the impact of early diagnosis and adequate treatment on the preservation of the psychosocial function.

Scientific Education

2009Junior Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Technische Universität Dresden
2006M.Sc. Epidemiology, Technische Universität Berlin and University of Bielefeld, 2006, Supervisor of Master`s thesis: Prof. Stefan Willich
2002Dr. med., Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Supervisor: Prof. Georg Northoff
1993 – 2000Medicine, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
1990 – 1993State-qualified Nurse, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Professional Experience

Since 07/2009Junior Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Illness Course Research
Since 01/2009Head of Prevention Clinic for psychiatric disorders with Early recognition and intervention centre
09/2008Certified specialist Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
11/2007 – 06/2009Research Physician, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital, Technische Universität Dresden
01/2007 – 10/2007Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Technische Universität Dresden
10/2003 – 12/2007Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics, Charité – University Medicine Berlin
10/2003 – 12/2006Research Physician, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Charité – University Medicine Berlin
02/2002 – 10/2003Research Physician, Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich
02/2001 – 01/2002Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Behavioral Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University Boston, U.S.A.
06/2000 – 01/2001Research Physician, Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine, University Hospital, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Other Scientific Activities, Honors, Awards

  • 2005 GlaxoSmithKline Award for research in the field of affective disorders

  • Scientific Secretary, International Task Force on the Biological Treatment of Unipolar Depressive Disorders, World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP)
  • Scientific Secretary, Sächsische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Nervenheilkunde e.V. (SWGN)
  • Treasurer, Dresdner Bündnis gegen Depression e.V.
  • Vice head DGPPN section „Prevention of psychiatric disorders“

Selected Publications

Leopold, K., Ritter, P., Correll, C.U., Marx, C., Ozgürdal, S., Juckel, G., Bauer, M., Pfennig, A. (2011). Risk constellations prior to the development of bipolar disorders: Rationale of a new risk assessment tool. Journal of Affective Disorders. doi:10.1016/j.jad.2011.06.043

Ritter PS, Marx C, Bauer M, Leopold K, Pfennig A. (2011). The role of disturbed sleep in the early recognition of bipolar disorder: a systematic review. Bipolar Disorders, 13, (3), 227-37.

Pfennig, A., Schlattmann, P., Alda, M., Grof, P., Glenn, T., Müller-Oerlinghausen, B., Suwalska, A., Rybakowski, J., Willich, S.N., Bauer, M., Berghöfer, A. (2010). Influence of atypical features on the quality of prophylactic effectiveness of long-term lithium treatment in bipolar disorders. Bipolar Disorders, 12(4), 390-396.

Beesdo, K., Höfler, M., Leibenluft, E., Lieb, R., Bauer, M., Pfennig, A. (2009). Mood episodes and mood disorders: patterns of incidence and conversion in the first three decades of life. Bipolar Disorders, 11(6), 637-649

Berghöfer, A., Alda, M., Adli, M., Baethge, C., Bauer, M., Bschor, T., Glenn, T., Grof, P., Müller-Oerlinghausen, B., Rybakowski, J., Suwalska, A., Pfennig, A. (2008). Long-term effectiveness of lithium in bipolar disorder: a multicenter investigation of patients with typical and atypical features. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 69(12), 1860-1868.