Stefan Scherbaum, Jun.-Prof., Dr.

Junior Professor VCF

Stefan Scherbaum

Contact information

TU Dresden, Fakultät Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften, Institut für Allgemeine Psychologie, Biopsychologie und Methoden der Psychologie

Zellescher Weg 17
01062 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 463 33 258

Research Statement

I am interested in the continuous process dynamics of human behavior, especially of cognitive control and decision making. Hence, my first main goals is to develop and apply continuous empirical methods, (e.g. frequency tagged EEG, time frequency analysis of EEG, mouse tracking) to open a direct window on the processes underlying cognitive functions. My second main goal is then to use these data to develop and validate dynamic models (e.g. dynamic connectionist and dynamic neural field models) of the processes underlying human behaviour.

Scientific Education

2011PhD: Psychology, TU Dresden, 2011, Prof. Dr. Thomas Goschke
2006MSc in Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück, 2006, Prof. Dr. Peter König
2002-2006Studies in Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück
2002Diploma in Computer Science in Media, Hochschule Furtwangen, Prof. Wilhelm Walter
1998-2002Studies in Computer Science in Media, Hochschule Furtwangen

Professional Experience

since 03/2014Junior Professor for Methods of Psychology with focus on Computational Cognitive Modelling
11/2010  - 03/2014Postdoc, TU Dresden

Other Scientific Activities, Honors, Awards

since 2006Member of the "European Platform for Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, and the Humanities" of the Volkswagen Foundation.
2011Award for the best Dissertation by the Cognitive Psychology Group of the German Psychological Society (Fachgruppe Allgemeine Psychologie, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie), 1st place

Selected Publications

Scherbaum, S., Dshemuchadse, M., Leiberg, S., Goschke, T. (2013) Harder than
Expected: Increased Conflict in Clearly Disadvantageous Delayed Choices in a Computer Game. PLoS ONE 8(11): e79310. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0079310

Scherbaum, S., Fischer, R., Dshemuchadse, M., & Goschke, T. (2011). The dynamics of cognitive control: Evidence for within-trial conflict adaptation from frequency-tagged EEG. Psychophysiology, 48(5), 591–600.

Scherbaum, S. (2010). Making Decisions under conflict with a continuous mind: from micro to macro timescales. QuCoSa (OpenAccess): 

Scherbaum, S., Dshemuchadse, M., Fischer, R., & Goschke, T. (2010). How decisions evolve: The temporal dynamics of action selection. Cognition, 115(3), 407–416. 

Scherbaum, S., Dshemuchadse, M. & Kalis, A. (2008). Making Decisions with a Continuous Mind. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 8, 4, 454-474.

Scherbaum, S. (2006). Clustering of ICA Components for efficient EEG artifact detection. Journal of Psychophysiology. 20(2). 133.