The balance between perseveration and volatility: The interaction dynamics of meta-control parameters and situational demands across different control-dilemmas

The balance between perseverative and volatile behavior is a central topic of the CRC. A biased balance is assumed to underlie erratic behavior and psychological impairments. Investigating the mechanisms establishing this balance is, hence, of central importance to avoid or alleviate such dysfunctions. In our project, we ask which neural parameters regulate the individual balance in perseverative and volatile behavior, how this individual balance interacts with situational demands, and how it influences goal-driven behavior in instruction based tasks as well as value-based decision making. We follow an approach based on attractor dynamics and apply time-continuous measures – mouse tracking, eye tracking, and EEG frequency tagging – dovetailed with time-continuous dynamic neural field modelling. Harvesting the dynamics of the cognitive processes involved in the used set-shifting and decision-making tasks allows the project to investigate (1) the neural parameters regulating the interaction dynamics of inter-individual differences in the balance between perseverative and volatility and situational demands and (2) how these mechanisms generalize from instruction based goals to value-based decision making. This way, we derive a detailed theoretical picture of the processes and parameters underlying the balance between perseverative and volatile behavior.

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